Erectile Dysfunction Causes & Treatment Options

Ask an adult man what is the biggest problem he is facing in his relationship. Most of them will shout out Erectile Dysfunction or simply known as ED. For those who don’t know Erectile Dysfunction is a medical condition when men fail to obtain a good erection of the penis. This may not seem a big issue to many people because not many men get a low erection sometimes due to stress, anxiety, and such problems. Yes, you are right, a few days of poor erection does not confirm Erectile Dysfunction. But when the instances of reduced erection continue for weeks and months then it is referred to as ED that requires medical attention.

The gravity of the disorder can be understood from the fact that ED

As being the cause of extramarital affairs, divorce, depression, anxiety, and even suicide. So, do not underestimate the damage that ED can cause to your personal life and overall health. In this article, we shall discuss how the causes of Erectile Dysfunction and its possible treatment including Vidalista 20 and Vidalista 40.

What causes ED?

Erectile Dysfunction as well all know is the condition when men get a low or negligible erection on getting stimulated for sex. When a man gets sexually stimulated the men, blood travels in the blood vessels of the penis that expands the penis, which is called an erection. During Erectile Dysfunction due to some reasons, the proper amount of blood fails to enter the penis. Thus, the man gets excited about sex but his penis remains the same size or gets erect for a few seconds only. The sexual intercourse cannot be enjoyed by the couple which then damages their relationship.

From this, we can understand that the main reason for the penis getting erect is the blood supply in the blood vessels of the penis during sexual stimulation. Some of the most common reasons for ED are:


When excess cholesterol gets deposited in the body, it sticks to the mouth of the arteries thus, restricting the flow of blood in the body. The organs become deficient in blood including the penis and this results in a poor erection.


Smokers are more likely to become ED patients than non-smokers. They are the major users of ED pills like Vidalista 60 and Vidalista 80. Smoking leads to the intake of harmful elements like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, oxides of lead, etc. These elements decrease the oxygen accepting ability of the blood which leads to a deficiency of oxygen in the tissues and cells. Hence, overall low productivity and poor performance of bed become a reality.

Excess alcohol consumption

Alcohol is beneficial when taken in small quantities as it reduces stress, and blood pressure uplifts mood, and calms the brain. But when taken in excess quantity alcohol leads to sedation, dizziness, damage correlation between organs and the nervous system, blood circulation, and important biological processes get affected.


Many times, due to an accident or injury in the penile region the blood vessels of the penis get damaged temporarily. This causes difficulty in transmitting blood to the penis and the person suffers poor erection. But with proper medication when the injury is cured the blood flow is resumed and erection is also.

The list of reasons for Erectile Dysfunction is endless but all of them do the same thing, restrict the blood flow in the penis.

Possible Solutions

In earlier sections, we have learned how poor blood flow in the penis is the main reason for Erectile Dysfunction. Therefore, if the obstruction is removed and the blood supply in the penis in adequate amounts is revived then ED can be cured.

Talking ED pills

Pills such as super p force also do the same task. When taken as per the prescription these pills work like a miracle to cause a long-lasting erection for 4 to 5 hours, some drugs assure erection for 8 to 10 hours. The working mechanism of these pills involves initiating a heavy supply of blood in the penile region.

Burning cholesterol

Obesity is one of the main reasons for today’s men becoming ED patients. Poor choice of food and lack of physical movement leads to the accumulation of excess fats that increases weight and obstructs the free movement of blood to different organs. Burning this cholesterol improves metabolism and improves blood circulation leading to a good erection after sexual stimulation. You can even prevent this situation by maintaining a healthy diet where you reduce the intake of cholesterol-rich food and add fibrous foods to your meal.

Yoga and meditation

Depression, stress, and poor mental health is also a major reason for Erectile Dysfunction. Do yoga and meditation daily for at least 30 minutes. This can miraculously positively change your mind and productivity. You wouldn’t need any ant-depressant to get rid of stress as yoga and meditation naturally busts stress and anxiety. It boosts focus, concentration, intelligence, and memory power and makes the person feel good. As the causes of Erectile Dysfunction there are numerous treatments of Erectile Dysfunction but following these listed ones will make a huge impact.

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